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Certification provides opportunities to enhance your career success through:

JOB ADVANCEMENT – certification gives you a competitive edge for promotion and hiring.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS – You will learn more about office operations and build skills by studying for and taking the CPS or CAP exam.

SALARY – A recent IAAP membership profile study shows that CPS holders earn an average of $2,228 more per year than those who do not have certification.

ESTEEM – Attaining certification demonstrates to your employer and yourself that you are committed as a professional.

COLLEGE CREDIT – Many colleges and universities offer course credit for studying for and passing the CPS and CAP exams.

CERTIFICATION SEMINAR -  Receive the benefit of annual state-of-the-art  education and networking with other professionals in the administrative field.

For more information, please contact Brenda McGloon, CPS/CAP at 540-433-5292 ext. 11 or bmcgloon@vhss.com